Welcome To Ambush Paintball

We are a paintball field located in Surrey, B.C. Canada. Whether you are a first timer, or a seasoned paintball vet, Ambush has something to offer you! Visit the above links for field information, maps, bookings, videos and other important info.


Jan 11th 2014

Ambush Is part of the Community!

we made this lil video to explain what paintball is, and who we are here at ambush! We're just good people having a good time!

Decemeber 15th 2013

Announcing Our Operation Everest Scenario Game... Sunday January 26th

Ambush is pleased to announce our first winter scenario game. Join us on our fields for a mid winter paintball skirmish!

June 21st 2013

Ambush now offers online reservations!

You can now make a booking 24 hours a day without even calling the ambush line.
Click here to reserve your spot today!

March 3rd 2013

Operation Michoacan Scenario Game... Saturday June 8th

Ambush is pleased to announce our second scenario game Operation Michoacan. Join us June 8th as we join all of our fields, (and a new 5th field) into one massive paintball battle. Scenario Generals Owen Bozman, of snipers ana Kyle Thorpe of Panther will be returning to lead their seperate armies into battle!

March 3rd 2013

Axiom Pro Shop is now OPEN!

Looking for Paintball Equipment? We started our own store!
We will be selling all sorts of things in the shop; if theres something that you want, we can get it for you! Check back frequently as we will be constantly adding items that our players find cool and exciting!