Field Info & Maps

Ambush City Field

Tired of running games on the same forest field, a group of renegade ambush referees set out to build this masterpiece. The result is a monstorus field that instantly became a player favorite. The field is 450x250 feet and features a multitude of obstacles for players to hide behind such as a 200 foot long tire wall, 2 story clock tower, multiple cars and even a boat!. This field is perfectly square and essentially identical on both sides, so neither team ever has an advantage.

Lost Forest Field

The Forest Field is the mainstay of Ambush Paintball. Created in 2001 and continuiously improved over the past decade, the forest field IS Ambush Paintball. Located on a 5 acre patch of forest, you will find a multitude of paths, barricades, tree forts and outposts. This field is Massive and excellent for large groups. We have played 100 vs 100 on this field and LOVED IT!. This field is shaped like a diamond and has soo many paths and obstacles it plays different every single game!

Grassy Mounds Field

The grassy Mounds Field was created in 2009 at the same time as the City Field. What was once our old mounds field was revived and improved with the addition of 2 Huge mobile homes. These R.V.'s act as "Redneck Fortresses" while the numerous mounds of dirt, trenchs, and other man-made obstacles provide cover. As the seasons change, we allow large grassy paths to form, creating almost a maze on the field for true paintball chaos. This is our smallest field and its games tend to play quite quickly.

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