Ambush Speedball Park

Note: In order to keep things simple at the field, all prices on this page INCLUDE all applicable taxes.

Ambush Speedball Park

Home of tournament paintball in British Columbia, Canada.

Features of A.S.P.

World Class Playing Surfaces

Field 1

Ambush is home to B.C.'s only all weather synthetic turf field. Its Setup to xball dimensions, and is professionally gridded and leveled to achieve accurate layouts. This Is the primere field of A.S.P. Field 1 features 2 xball pits, complete with air fill stations.


A.S.P. Has multiple sets of bunkers. We usually use run our 2013 VPL field, but we also have other bunkers in our arsenal. For special events we will be setting up special layouts.


Ambush features a full time on field referee. The ref's job is to check player entries, organise games, and help with removal of eliminated players. The refs word is sacred, so dont remember to resepect your ref!

On Site Tech's
Ambush employs some of the provinces top airsmiths. If you have a problem with your marker, feel free to ask us for free advice. We sometimes can do VERY SIMPLE repairs while you wait, and for more complex problems we ask that you leave your item with us for a week.Note: (We like to test and ensure our work is reliable, so we do not do jimmy repairs at the field)

Cool Staff and Customers
At A.S.P. we are all a big group of friends that love to play paintball. It doenst matter if it's your first or 100th time here, we just want everyone to have fun! Feel free to ask us questions, Tell us about your games, heck we will even teach you a tip or two if you ask us nicely! If your new, feel free to introduce yourself and say whats up! Ambush is home to everyone, so long as you stay positive and have fun!

Public Speedball Practice Costs / General Info

(admission includes all day field fees, and 4500psi fills, and free bottled water during the warmer months.)
  • $20 per person BYOP entry

  • or

  • $10 per person when you buy a case from us ( you save $10! )

(in cases of 2000, bags of 500 are available, all prices include taxes)
  • $70 for HK ARMY
  • $65 for APX FYRE (or equivalent)
  • $60 for AGRO PRO, (or equivalent)
  • $55 for APX BASIC (or equivalent)

paintball brands subject to availability

General Info
Public practices are traditionally ran every sunday from early spring through early winter at A.S.P. These practices are where local players from the vancouver area )and sometimes even farther) gather to practice, and socialise. For just $10 you can play all day, and BYOP is acceptable. A.S.P. is open to all people. For players who have played speedball before, or are looking to better your game, then public drop in practices are for you! These sunday practices are for experienced equipment owners only, we do not provide any rental equipment on sundays. You do not need to be part of a team in order to attend practices. First timers are strongly encouraged to come out. Spectators are always welcome.

Public Practice Schedule

We are open most fair weather saturdays and EVERY SINGLE Sunday...


we are open saturdays and sundays 10am-5pm.
ASP is ran seperate from ambush's woodsball field. If you are wondering if ASP is open, please call 604 812 2379 or check us out on facebook

We are open rain or shine, so come on by and play! We will only be closed if there is a VPL paintball tournament. or overly excessive amounts of torrential weather.
Check us out on facebook for up to date practice info, give us a call at 604 812 2379 if you have any questions!

Private Practice Field Rental

Ever wanted an entire speedball field all to your team or private group? Ambush has your covered!

We feel everyone deserves the oppritounity to have private use of the speedball field. This is a great option for new teams, or established teams looking to work on the fundamentals of their game, without having to share the field. It's also suitable for renters and rec players looking to try the "dark side" of paintball, without fear of being destroyed by the pros. We provide everything you need to play the game including a referee to keep people playing honest and bunkers inflated.

For private practices require the field to be booked 48 hours in advance. you can do so by calling 604 812 2379. Field is available for booking monday-saturday.

4 hour session:
  • $160 when you buy paint from us or $250 BYOP (bring your own paint)
  • up to 16 people (additional people $15 each)
  • rentals provided for $10 a piece

8 hour session:
  • $185 when you buy paint from us or $320 BYOP (bring your own paint)
  • up to 20 people (additional people $15 each)
  • rentals provided for $10 a piece

    For VPL teams looking to shoot a lot of paint, please contact us for a "team discount".

Rules of A.S.P.

  • All players must listen to the on field refferee. The ref makes all the decisions on field, and if he tells you to leave the feild, or wait a game then you must comply. Ignoring or arguing with the ref will result in expulsion for A.S.P.
  • Maximum Velocity is 300 FPS. Players are responsible for setting this themselves. Reffs will be doing spot checks and players shooting above 300 fps may lose the right to play that day.
  • All compressed airtanks must have a VALID hydro date. Players caught using old tanks will be banned from A.S.P.
  • Players under 18 must have an adult sign a waiver form. 11 years old is minimum age to play.
  • All players must sign a waiver form prior to playing. Only one waiver form is needed per calendar year.
  • All players must pay for admission prior to playing, failure to do so will result in expulsion from the park or a $40 fine.
  • This is a field for all. Respect all players, and people at pratice. Absolutuely no threats, yelling, physical contact, fighting or other undesirable behavior.
  • Do Not Litter
  • Players must adhere to all traditional paintball safety procedures.
  • Ambush reserves the right to refuse service to anyone
  • non-staining paintballs only

A.S.P. History

Ambush Speedball Park is B.C.'s Longest continuiously running tournament paintball facility; hosting practices every spring summer and fall (and sometimes winter) since 2001! Ambush Speedball Park started simply as a private place for the then Ambsuh staff and owners to play and practice the sport of paintball, free of the drama and excessive costs associated with speedball practices at the time. After a short period of time we decided, "why keep this field all to ourselves?", and opened our practices up to the general public.

Thanks to the help of people like Doug Miller, Danny Miller,(mr paintball vancouver) and Sean Lyons,(badlands paintball vancouver) we were able to transform what was a couple of friends gathering in a farmers field, into the top tournament facility in the province. We started with a TUBED 5 man speedball field with compressors that actually filled the field. Soon we ditched that beat up field in favor of the popular Xball and Nppl fields of the time and the rest as they say is history. By 2002 we were hosting various tournament series, including running some of our very own events. Tournaments like "Fools Cup" and "Rush" boasted approximately 100 teams, with prize packages in excess of $20000! In 2005 the BCPPL emerged and we have been hosting their events up until 2011. For 2012 and beyond, Ambush Paintball is one of the home fields of the VANCOUVER PAINTBALL LEAGUE. We look forward to a great season with the VPL

Ambush is a Major Sponsor and supporter of the Vancouver Paintball scene. We have been working hard throughout the years to introduce more people to the game, and encouraging new players to take up the sport. We sponsor top level pro teams such as Portland UPRISNG, and Vancouver Vendetta, as well as our home team and party brigade the AMBUSH ARMY. We have been host to some of the top talent in western Canada. Thanks to our conquests abroad, Ambush Has become well know around the globe, with people visiting us from Oregon, California, Texas, and even as far away as Europe, South America and Asia! Not bad for a lil' ol' field from Surrey, B.C.

While its true that over the years, A.S.P. and its staff have changed a lot, Our goal remains the provide a place for all people to learn and play the sport of speedball. Wether its your first time with gear from wal-mart, or you are a top level nppl pro, A.S.P. would like to invite you to become part of the speedball community!